Naked and Afraid casting

Naked and Afraid casting


Discovery’s new hit series: “Naked and Afraid”  plunks a man and a woman who don’t know one another in a remote location for 21 days with no water, no food and not a stitch of clothing. They then must team up and fight the elements and predators that await.

Nothing like the old Brooke Shields romance Blue Lagoon, the show is described as a groundbreaking exercise in true survival. The first season has been a ratings winner edging out Real Housewives of New JerseyKeeping up with the Kardashians and The Newsroom, with it’s season finale attracting an audience of 3.6 million, the second highest-rated cable program of that night for viewers between 18 and 49 — the demographic most important to advertisers.

Just a few episodes in, the show stirred up controversy with people questioning how realistic the survival experience is for contestants, with rumors that producers have intervened to help sick contestants back to health. Regardless, the show is thought to be riveting reality TV at its best, full of challenges and emotion that draws an ever growing audience each week.

One episode apparently featured a woman using her vagina immersed in water to catch fish. Hmmm… now that is riveting!

Naturally, the new set of contestants survive each week,  but what they go through together is not for the faint of heart as they physically endure a variety of disgusting scenarios and regularly chow down on reptiles and vermin in order to stay alive. 

The show’s producer said in an interview that she was shocked so many people wanted to actually do the show when they began casting it. But a show this unique is undoubtedly going to get a massive audience, so even if there’s no actual prize offered for the contestants involved, this kind of exposure, and experience, is more than enough for some. 

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For additional episodes of “Naked and Afraid” casting is now under way. Will you be filling out an application?